City Council Committees

Committee Chairperson(s) Members
Affordable Housing Committee 6
Audit Committee 6
Board of Directors of Civic Theatres Toronto 5
Board of Directors of The Hummingbird (Sony) Centre for the Performing Arts 5
Board of Directors of the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts 5
Board of Directors of the Toronto Atmospheric Fund 5
Board of Directors of the Toronto Centre for the Arts 5
Board of Health 6
Board of Health Budget Committee 4
Board of Health - Performance Appraisal of the Medical Officer of Health 2
Board of Health Toronto Urban Health Fund Review Panel 1
Board of Management of the Toronto Zoo 4
Budget Committee 7
Budget Subcommittee - City Hall,Scarborough, East York Civic Centre Consultation 4
Budget Subcommittee - Etobicoke, North York and York Civic Centres Consultation 3
City-School Boards Advisory Committee 6
Civic Appointments Committee 9
Community Development and Recreation Committee 6
Debenture Committee 3
Disability, Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee 3
Economic Development Committee 6
Employee and Labour Relations Committee 7
Etobicoke York Community Council 10
Executive Committee 13
Forest Hill, Leaside and North Toronto Arena Nominating Panel 2
French Language Advisory Committee 1
George Bell Arena Nominating Panel 2
Government Management Committee 5
Interview Subcommittee for Board of Health 3
Interview Subcommittee for Toronto Parking Authority 4
Interview Subcommittee for Toronto Police Services Board 3
Interview Subcommittee for Toronto Port Authority 5
Interview Subcommittee for Toronto Public Library Board 4
Interview Subcommittee for Toronto Transit Commission 4
Interview Subcommittee for Toronto Zoo Board 3
Licensing and Standards Committee 6
Liquor Licensing Issues Task Force 6
McCormick and Bill Bolton Arena Nominating Panel 2
Members of the Toronto Atmospheric Fund 5
Moss Park and Ted Reeve Arena Nominating Panel 2
Nominating Panel - City Theatres 4
Nominating Panel - Committee of Adjustment 5
Nominating Panel - Corporations 3
Nominating Panel - Environmental 3
Nominating Panel - Facilities and Finance 3
Nominating Panel - Tribunals 3
North York Community Council 11
Parks and Environment Committee 6
Parks and Environment Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation 4
Planning and Growth Management Committee 6
Public Works and Infrastructure Committee 6
Scarborough Community Council 10
Striking Committee 7
Tenant Issues Committee 6
Toronto Accessibility Advisory Committee 3
Toronto and East York Community Council 12
Toronto Film, Television and Digital Media Board 3
Toronto Music Industry Advisory Council 6
Toronto Preservation Board 1

What do committees do?

Most meaningful legislative activity happens in committee meetings, where committee members debate proposed legislation. These meetings are open to the public. Unlike City Council meetings, committee meetings allow for public presentations.
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Each committee has a Chair. Along with the City Clerk, the Chair shapes the committee meeting agenda (and thus, the legislation to be considered).

Committee jurisdiction, memberships, and appointments all require City Council approval.

Toronto City Council is currently composed of 59 Committees.

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